1)Turn off the lights at themaster switch ( Key slot )    and check that the air conditioning is at 21 degrees as per the standard.
2)TV must be changed to CH 0 and at 15 vol.
3) เดียวมาเติมให้


What is important about the first time a guest enters his/her room?
How would you feel if you were paying the price to stay in a 5 star hotel and when you entered your room, it smelled of cigarette smoke, the curtains were not hanging correctly, the bed skirting was hanging at an angle, there was old fruit from the previous guest still in the room?

It is important that when a guest enters his/her room for the first time that he/she is given a good impression.
This not only applies visually, it must smell pleasant too.
Ensure that everything is correctly in its place and neatly hanging.
Report any faults to your Supervisor

About Concierge

Here is profesional Front Officer of Phuket

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