All reservations shall be recorded in the Property Management System (PMS – such as FIDELIO, PROTEL) directly as it is received.

It is important that the following information is obtained for the reservations screen:

  • Name and contact person making the reservation
  • Full name, address and telephone if the booking is made on behalf of a company or travel agent
  • Special requests or services
  • Precise billing instructions, e.g. if company billing for all charges, room only or something in between. NB! Written confirmation of a billing authorisation must be requested!
  • Source of reservation
  • Initials of person taking reservation and a check of the date and time entry

In the event a telex, fax or e-mail reservation request is received, which does not contain sufficient data to complete all the screen fields, every effort shall be made to obtain the additional information prior to the guest’s arrival.

In instances where time does not permit a request for additional information, a notation should be made on the reservation screen to alert the receptionist to request the further details from the guest on arrival. This is especially important in respect of billing instructions


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Here is profesional Front Officer of Phuket

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