There are certain markets you have to hit and then there are the smaller ones you should visit. Deviate form the usual tourist circuit and try the Saphan Phut or Memorial Bridge night market ( Underneath Saphan Phut Bridge : ( 7 P.M to Midnight)  and unbelievable spread of fashion items, jewelry and general curios. Also check out the neighboring Pak Klong Talad the Flower Market for the biggest and cheapest haul of fresh flower you’ve ever seen.

During I had been studying in bangkok I’d been there for many times  because I got to catch a bus taking me to my brother house in Pha Pradaeng, Samuthprakarn after ended weekday and spend my time with my brother and his family
I personally love to travel at night particular in Bangkok to avoid traffic jam, Pollution, hot whether. Even crowed & busy as civilization city being  but the traveling at night you have to beware yourself as most as possible you might get harm form somebody that you’ll never know whom is that? So don’t get involved with anyone you don’t know even let him sitting beside you on a bus

Checking out her neighboring  Pak Klong Tarad T    The Biggest Flower Market in Bangkok you’ll see the     Peoples work at night time and feeling like you are in the day times there What’s so if that is the night time but you see all those peoples don’t think like you. They don’t sleep they work and a lot of people come to them for shop the flower and you bet you’ve never seen various  kind of  fresh flower and cheap like this before



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